Fine Extra Virgin Olive Oil dresses up the often dreary flavours of salads. It gives polish to drab textures. It adds sophistication to their wholesome freshness. It civilizes harshly healthy tastes. It inspires imaginative arrangements of salad ingredients.

Your Olive Oil makes a fine dressing for any salad. Salad oil needs to be versatile: strong but not too strong, and with a fine balance of fruitiness, bitterness and pungency. Green salads need fruitiness and pungency in the oil, plus a warm finish. Rice salads need fruitiness and some bitterness, plus a rich finish.  Of course, these are matters of personal taste.

Salad oil lovers should  experiment with a variety of Single Varietal Your Olive Oil.Olive Oil varieties have their own individual character, just like the difference between Shiraz and Merlot in wine. A dash of fresh squeezed lemon juice gives piquancy and bite to Your Olive Oil on salads.