Writing about the Olive Harvest, Mary Taylor Simeti said:
‘An entire way of life is contained in this small fruit’.

What is this way of life, and why does it matter?

It matters because ways of life explain and also express our human world. As individuals, as families and as nations, we make our own ways of life. These ways of life reflect what we are. We go with them where they take us, and we become what they make us. Since history began, human beings have been prepared to give up their lives to defend their ways of life.

The way of life that is contained in ‘this small fruit’ is a good life. It is a life that forms and bonds relationships. It is a life that increases well-being, for olives are healthy. It is a life that protects our world, for olive products are natural, and olive trees long-lived. It is a life that respects our fellow human beings, for olives are unique to none and enjoyed by all. It is a life that values success, for the olive wreath crowns the winner. It is a life that makes labor a love, for the fruit of the olive does not come easily or cheaply. It is a life that moderates conflict, for the olive is the symbol of peace. It is a life that overcomes disaster, for it was an olive leaf that was brought to Noah to show that the Flood had been rolled back.

Two simple conclusions follow from all this. The first is that no other fruit can match the olive. The second is that no human being need fear to eat an olive.

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