Health Benefits

As olive producers, we believe there is a fundamental health benefit in extra virgin olive oil as part of a healthy diet, and part of a satisfying life. This benefit includes participation in the famous ‘Mediterranean Diet’, with its focus on fresh food, olive oil, and healthy vegetables. But the benefit goes further than diet.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a lifestyle food. It connects with a good way of life. It connects with the famous Roman saying that you will find ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’ (Mens sana in corpore sano). It is worth keeping in mind:

(i)                   that there are subtle connections between our minds and our bodies, so healthy foods like olive oil that get people thinking and dreaming are doubly advantageous, &

(ii)                 that good food such as olive oil can contribute to mental energy as well as bodily health.

People need to be alert to connections like these in order to achieve their potential and enjoy life to the full. It makes sense for human beings to become more aware of which foods help them feel well. We know many people who say they feel good after they introduce moderate amounts of extra virgin olive oil into their diet on a regular basis.

As olive producers but not health professionals, we cannot comment, even in general terms, about the kind of specific health benefits, actual or possible, that are sometimes attributed to olive oil. Anyone who has surfed a few olive oil websites would be aware of claims relating to extremely serious conditions including arthritis, asthma, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. We ask readers to be aware that we do not endorse any such claims, and that nothing here or elsewhere on the site claims that olive oil does have specific health benefits. These are matters for health professionals.

We do say that readers wishing to actively pursue health issues by surfing olive oil websites should look for sites that cite refereed research. We also say that such readers should consult health professionals who can relate general research findings to their specific circumstances. Readers who are interested in the relationship between olive oil and health should keep in mind that olive oil is a fat.

With its history, and its purity as a fruit juice, Olive Oil has a unique role in human well-being.