Corregiola Olive Oil

Your Olive Oil  is delighted to offer a number of single varietal oils, which each offer unique aromas and flavours. As with grapes, the oils from distinct olive varieties are significantly different. (Please note that particular oils are not always available.) Please note that we are currently out of stock with  these varietal oils: Fresh supplies should be available by July, please check here for details at that time.


Boutillon Single Varietal Your Olive Oil   Boutillon has a mild but subtle aroma. It is a dense, mouth-filling, stylish oil. Its flavour is fruity and minty – both delicate and complex. It has a very late, long, soft, finish. It is super with toast, excellent with veal and ratatouille, and it teams well with tarragon.


Corregiola Single Varietal Your Olive Oil   Corregiola is dense and delicate, with a mellow aroma. It has a fruity flavour, both tropical and pungent, and a smooth, luscious finish. It is a versatile, delicate oil, rich but not too strong, very suitable for bread-dipping.

Corregiola olive oil is a remarkable aperitif. If you taste a half-full liqueur glass of fine Corregiola oil, and wait a few – around five – minutes after swirling and swallowing it, a remarkable, warming, extraordinarily satisfying feeling of hunger often arises in the lower throat. Extra Virgin Corregiola can induce this sensation even after one has eaten.


Frantoio Single Varietal Your Olive Oil   Frantoio is fresh and finely balanced, with a fruity aroma. It has a spicy citrus flavour, and a warm, lasting finish. It is an all-purpose oil, particularly well-suited to salads, with a savoury  quality.


Hardy’s Mammoth Single Varietal Your Olive Oil       Hardy’s Mammoth has a memorable and heady fragrance, like apple blossom. It is a light-bodied, elegant oil. Its flavour is sharp but mellow and slightly tropical, like passion fruit and guava. It has a warm and peppery finish. This oil is excellent in vinaigrette, especially with avocado, and its bitter notes mellow with the addition of food.


Koroneiki Single Varietal Your Olive Oil       Koroneiki has a fresh, minty aroma. It is a medium-bodied oil, classic and well-balanced. It has strong tannin and fruit flavours. Its clean finish rounds out its good structure. “Great as is”, or use for finishing – drizzled on fish, veg, etc.


Manzanilla Single Varietal Your Olive Oil       Manzanilla has the soft fragrance of rose petals. It is a warm, full-bodied, uncomplicated oil. Its flavour is fresh, crisp and fruity. It has a long and mellow finish. Manzanilla oil is delicious with bread, and it is ideal for grilling or roasting lamb