Bread and Olive Oil are like Yin and Yan.

People who like extra virgin olive oil with bread mostly dip their bread in the oil. But if you want extra oil, try pouring the oil on the bread.

Bread with olive oil is an endlessly satisfying delicacy. Bread alone is mostly dry – but with fine olive oil it becomes truly luscious. Basically, a slice of bread needs two or three teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil to make it really tasty.

Omar Khayyam wrote a famous verse about bread:

            “Here with a loaf of bread beneath the bough,

            A flask of wine, a book of verse, and thou

            Beside me singing in the wilderness,

            And wilderness is paradise enow.”
As olive oil lovers, we wish that olive oil was included in this account of paradise. But on further reflection, we like to think that Omar simply took it for granted that olive oil was part of the deal.

We suggest starting with a fruity extra virgin olive oil on bread – a peppery oil might take your breath away. But tastes vary, and they also develop. The style of the oil needs to match the type of bread. A dark heavy rye bread demands a strong and pungent oil.


Bread and olive oil, sprinkled with tomato powder and herb salt is a classic savoury.

Try toasted crumpets with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Olive oil and Vegemite make an interesting combination.

Here’s a simple and nutritious delicacy:

  • Break a slice of Pumpernickel rye bread in half;
  • Pour a generous teaspoon of EVOO onto the Pumpernickel, taking care to spread the EVOO right out to the edges;
  • Smother with avocado – best to use AvoFresh, for consistency of quality and ripeness.