Your Boutillon Olive Oil has a mild but subtle aroma. Boutillon is a dense, mouth-filling, stylish oil. The flavour of Boutillon  oil is fruity and minty. Boutillon  Oil is both delicate and complex. Boutillon has a superbly late, long, soft, finish. Boutillon Oil is splendid with toast, excellent with veal and ratatouille, and it teams well with tarragon.

Boutillon is a French variety, comparatively rare in Australia. Boutillon Olive Oil has a distinctively French character. It is noteworthy that the olive oils of each major Mediterranean country have distinctive features. The features of French Olive Oils reflect – and no doubt influence – the character of French cuisine. The same is true for Italian Olive Oils, Spanish Olive Oils, and Greek Olive Oils.

Our grove includes comparatively few Boutillon olive trees. If you would like to secure a quantity of Boutillon Extra Virgin as  single varietal oil, please contact Denis White so that we can look into producing sufficient supply in the coming season.