About Us


is a family business, producing fine Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Camberwell is our Melbourne base. Our olive grove and olive press are in Longwood, in Victoria’s Strathbogie Ranges. We aim for personal service, value, and quality. Most purchasers of our oil come back for more, and qualified tasters comment on its quality. Our horticulture and oil production methods are informed by top level university qualifications in oleo-culture.

OUR TREATMENT OF THE OIL: We press 60-80 litres of oil daily when harvesting. Each batch of oil is filtered, and the yield from successive days’ production is poured – not pumped – into 200, 300, or 500 litre stainless steel tanks. Gentle treatment protects the quality of the oil, in line with our motto “Let Nature Do Its Best”. The oil is sealed in stainless tanks, where it remains undisturbed in controlled temperature storage until bottling on demand. Each tank’s oil – and each year’s oil – is subtly different. The oil mellows over time, and remains good for a couple of years or more in proper conditions.
We like our visitors to see the green, pink, purple and black olives ripening on our trees, and taste freshly pressed Your Olive Oil . Kangaroos often graze among our olive trees, and occasionally a koala walks through the grove in search of manna gums.


We enjoy getting to know people with an interest in olives, and although we are small producers, our purchasers come from far and wide. Please contact us to discuss any olive questions, or to arrange a visit! Our grove is a two hour drive from Melbourne.

We want Your Olive Oil to help people eat well and live well. We believe that in order to produce fine olive oil, freshness and ripeness, aroma and flavour, availability and presentation, must all be right. The trees must be nurtured, and the soil must be looked after. The sun needs to shine, the rain needs to fall, and the winter nights need to be cold. It is all about art and nature, learning and commitment.


We sell Your Olive Oil  via the internet and ‘word-of-mouth’ contacts, but we seldom use other outlets. Direct sales mean that users get their oil fresh. Please feel free to contact us about purchase and delivery arrangements.


Our olive grove is at Longwood, in the foothills of Victoria’s great Strathbogie ranges. The soil is granite outwash sands, ideal for olives because it drains well. The long, hot summers are perfect for ripening olives. Even with hot summer weather, it takes six months for the olives to ripen.


We grow thirteen different varieties of olives, chosen mainly for flavour and aroma. Our wide variety of olives allows us to produce extra virgin oils with a unique range of flavours and uses. Because we are small producers, we can take proper care of each batch of oil, without any need for pumping or bulk handling.


Our principal oil varieties are Frantoio, Koroneiki, Boutillon, Corregiola, Nevadillo Blanco, Mission and Verdale. For both oil and table olives, we have Manzanilla, Hardy’s Mammoth, Tiny Kalamata, and White. The two varieties we use exclusively for table olives are Kalamatas and Giant Kalamatas. Our grove thus includes major Italian, Greek and Spanish varieties, plus the rare and delicious Boutillon that is French in origin.


We look forward to building new networks as more people appreciate what fine olive oil has to offer.