Like wine, olive oil makes people think about human progress and the good life. Because of its history and qualities, olive oil is food for thinkers.

This group of pages explores these themes, and provides information about our olive grove in Longwood and contact arrangements.

Technological and scientific advances are neatly reflected in olive oil production. Over the last two thousand years, the lever press for making olive oil was replaced first by the screw press, then by the hydraulic press. In the last 50 years the centrifugal press has come to the fore. Through all this, extra virgin olive oil has remained a natural product – the juice of the olive, squeezed fresh from the fruit without too much heat or pressure.

The history of olives follows the growth of civilization in the Mediterranean, spreading to the Americas, to southern Africa, Australasia and Asia. Over the centuries, olive oil has variously been the symbol of good living, of wealth, of peace, and of holiness. Today, olive oil has become a symbol of healthyliving.